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Grace Stephen

Grace Stephen RYT 500, IAYT Professional Yoga Therapist, Qigong Instructor

Mobile: 404-388-5832


Until an automobile accident changed her life, Grace had been involved in a variety of competitive sports. Before her accident, she practiced yoga as a way to prevent sports injuries, and qigong to stay focused and calm during competitive events. Through her recovery she found profound healing in yoga, qigong and tai chi.

Since her recovery she has been able to teach others to how to utilize these practices for a healthier life. As a Certified Medical Qigong Instructor, Grace serves those with various levels of ability and those with disabilities.

Her personal practice spans over 20 years. As an instructor she has trained in the U.S.A., Hainan Province of China, and Ecuador. Grace has a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree where she is licensed in the states of Georgia and Arizona. She has had a lengthy and successful career in the medical field. Her passion is to help others connect with their innate ability to heal and thrive through the mind-body practices of Yoga and Qigong.

Public Qigong lessons on Monday at 11:00AM at Launch Awareness Yoga Centre

Private Qigong lessons available in the Kennesaw, GA area

Phil Robinson

Phil was certified in the Sabashi Style of Qigong in 1997 by the Lin family. Sabashi is known and well respected for the stamina and increased flexibility that comes as a result in the consistent practice of Qigong.

While Grace emphasizes the medical/healing side or Qigong, Phil focuses mainly on the exercise/physical side of Qigong.

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