Phil Robinson Tai Chi


About Tai Chi

Tai chi, originally called tai jiing chuan is among the oldest organized martial arts system in China. Its underlying principles are well documented as far back as 2000 B.C.

The beauty and magic of tai chi as we know it today occurred in the mid 1700's. A General Chen, who organized the 105 moves of Chen tai chi, had a student named Yang and he slowed these moves down so the older people in the village could join in class. As these moves were done slowly, Yang realized the older ones health began to improve. They had better balance, improved skin tone and an overall sense of well being.

Upon research, Yang discovered these slow moves when placed in sync with proper breathing created an abundant amount of chi (internal energy) to flow through the body. This chi, when directed by the mind, could be used to melt away stress, heal and improve your general health, and achieve better balance. And, by the way, still be used as a deadly martial art.

In modern times we have learned the practice of tai chi can lower blood pressure, increase circulation, and help reduce the pain of arthritis and other joint pain, calm you and give you an overall sense of balance and confidence. And, yes today, if you find the right tai chi master, it can still be used as a very effective means of self defense.

There are very few things in life you will find that can help you from a mental, spiritual, and physical standpoint all at the same time; and yet tai chi has been doing this for thousands of years.